Oyster River Womenade has been helping friends and neighbors since 2006, providing short term assistance to people in crisis. Our organization works within the local community to raise money through sponsored events and generous donations from businesses and individuals.

Funds are raised at events sponsored by board members such as QuackFest and the Music Festival, free concerts and small social gatherings, or donated by generous friends. Local businesses make in-kind donations for specific needs. No paper work is involved and the organization is run by volunteers so that 100% of every dollar collected goes directly to those who need it in a very timely fashion.

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
When you have people in crisis, create a group that can help.
The idea is simple, the impact is immeasurable!

Oyster River Womenade, P.O. Box 554, Durham, NH 03824-0554 - orwomenade@comcast.net