Over $370,000 donated to our local community.

Our Mission
  • Provide assistance to community members in times of hardship.

  • Offer help without prejudice or discrimination.

  • Maintain a minimal overhead to ensure that nearly all funds raised go directly to those in need.

  • Encourage ongoing financial independence.

  • Strengthen a sense of community among local residents.


We are not a long-term solution. We help when no other resources are available. Our belief is that by helping someone through a short term crisis, we can help keep their situation from becoming worse.

How it Works

A need is identified through a Community Validator, who is a reputable source such as a school nurse, guidance counselor, teacher, doctor, hospice worker, clergy member, therapist, or worker at a social service agency. Common funding needs include childcare, dental/medical care, housing/rent, transportation, and utilities.


This source authenticates the individual/family situation and contacts Oyster River Womenade by completing an online request form.


The need is immediately discussed by the Board, and if approved, funds are distributed, usually in just a few days.

Common Questions

1. Do you only provide financial assistance to women?

  • No. Oyster River Womenade provides assistance to ALL individuals irrespective of gender identity.


2. Where do your donations come from?​

  • 90% of our donations come from our annual fundraiser.

  • The remaining 10% comes from one-time and monthly donations from local residents and businesses.

  • We do not receive any support from a national chapter. Oyster River Womenade is truly using local resources to help local people.