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Who We Are

Our Mission

Oyster River Womenade (ORW) has a mission to provide assistance to community members in times of hardship. We offer help without prejudice or discrimination. ORW maintains a minimal overhead to ensure that nearly all funds raised go directly to those in need. We encourage financial independence and work hard to strengthen the sense of community among local residents. 

Our Board Members

Together We've Helped...

  • a mother and daughter pay rent after their living situation changed due to domestic violence

  • cover the cost of dentures for a woman living off of social security

  • pay for the repair of a wheelchair for an amputee living off of limited income

  • a single father of 3, 2 with disabilities, pay rent after a sudden increase by the new landlord 

How It Works

A need is identified through a Community Validator, who is a reputable source such as a school nurse, guidance counselor, teacher, doctor, hospice worker, clergy member, therapist, or worker at a social service agency. Common funding needs include childcare, dental/medical care, housing/rent, transportation, and utilities.


This source authenticates the individual/family situation and contacts Oyster River Womenade by completing an online request form.


The need is immediately discussed by the Board, and if approved, funds are distributed, usually in just a few days.

Man with Grandsons


Do you only provide financial assistance to women?

No. Oyster River Womenade provides assistance to ALL individuals irrespective of gender identity.


Where do your donations come from?​

90% of our donations come from our annual fundraiser, while the other 10% come from one-time monthly donations from local residents and businesses. We do not receive any support from a national chapter. Oyster River Womenade is committed to using local resources to help local people. ​

We Need Your Support Today!

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