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How We Work

Womenade works when a Community Validator makes a request on behalf of a person in need. Some examples of community validators are school staff, social workers, medical professionals, or clergy. Validators provide us with information with which we can determine whether Womenade is the appropriate source of assistance and then vote as a Board on that request.​

We are not a long-term solution. We fulfill short-term needs that may make a difference in the quality of someone's life, in the interest of a stronger community. We want to help take care of our neighbors, friends, and their children.

With the help of our Community Validators, we are able to provide assistance to those who reside in Durham, Lee, Madbury, and Newmarket. Out of Area Requests are considered on a case by case basis if there are no other organizations available to provide assistance.

Friendly Young Doctor

Request Process


Submit a Request

Community Validators will submit a request to Womenade through our online Request Form. This form includes all of the necessary information for our Board to make an informed and timely decision.


Request Received 

Once all the information has been received and processed, Board Members will vote on the request and will get in touch with the Community Validator once a decision has been made.


Funding the Request

When requests are approved, Womenade will pay the vendor directly on behalf of the individual or family in need. If specific items are needed, we will  purchase and ship to the Community Validator for distribution. 

To request assistance outside of Oyster River, please direct your request to the Womenade group in your area:


Out of Area Requests

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